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Cherry blossom-ing earlier, World Water Day & more solar in PA schools!

Cherry blossom-ing earlier, World Water Day & more solar in PA schools!

The latest sustainability news in the region.

 World Water Day is March 22nd. The Delaware River basin Commission released a new tool to estimate future rainfall patterns amongst climate change.

Want to celebrate World Water Day in person? Stroud Water Research Center is hosting its third annual celebration of World Water Day from 4:30-7 PM with a stream touch tank to discover live aquatic insects.

Solar is shining! Pennsylvania K-12 schools have nearly tripled the amount of solar installed with over 101K students attending a “solar school”, according to a new report by Generation180, a clean energy nonprofit.

It’s not just the groundhog – Cherry blossom trees are blooming as much as 10 days ahead of schedule due to climate change warming winters about 2.5 degrees over the last 50 years. This can stress the trees when frosts interrupt their blooms, making them more susceptible to pests. Philadelphia Inquirer

The Independence Seaport Museum unveiled a new entrance on the south side with a new exhibit, featuring 150 (and many new) objects. The exhibit features the how we interact with the Delaware River, history and ecosystem.

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