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Where to Get Free Plants in Philly

Where to Get Free Plants in Philly

Plant nerds rejoice for swapping opportunities

Did you know having plants in your office not only filter the air but can increase happiness and productivity?

I’ve had my fair share of houseplants that I’ve had for years (like my baby bonsai and massive aloes) and a few that I’ve killed in a matter of weeks. A few years ago, I attended a Philly Free Seed Exchange at the Free Library, and still enjoy strawberries from a plant I received 3-4 years ago. (My 4-year old neighbor Ruby also enjoys stealing the strawberries…)

I recommend supporting local gardens and garden shops, but there’s also a whole plant-sharing culture right here in Philadelphia. Here are a few ideas for today’s Where Can I Wednesday.

Where to Get FREE & Low-Cost Plants in Philadelphia

Philly Plant Exchange has over 10,000 members on Facebook and offers swaps, sales and advice.

The FREE Plant Exchange in Philly encourages swapping over sales.

Philly Area Plant & Seed Swap is yet another FB group for swapping plants.

Philadelphia Seed Exchange hosts seed saving workshops, seed swaps at the Free Library and other events. Like them on Facebook to follow along.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society often hosts plant swaps. Check their calendar for upcoming events. is like the national database of plant “Wanted” ads. Visit this website for what you’re seeking and offering.

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