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To Do: Pledge for a Plastic-Free July

To Do: Pledge for a Plastic-Free July

Quitting Single Use Plastic Takes an Effort… Start small

Plastics are literally everywhere, from our drinking water, soil and in our beer.

Whether we intend to or not, we’re active participants in this plastic mess. Ever notice all the plastic in your life?

One initiative out of Australia is making its way worldwide and onto Facebook can help you cut down your plastic consumption.

Plastic-Free July encourages participants to quit one single-use plastic item for the month. Participants will hopefully notice other plastics that they’re using and the next thing to “cut out’.

Ideas include refusing plastic in takeaway cutlery and containers, from workplace kitchens, packaging, and other ways.

Unsure what plastics you can cut out? There’s even a pesky plastics quiz to determine the easiest target spot.

Visit Plastic Free July for more info.

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