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#ThisWeekI – Juju Salon’s Juliene Ebner

#ThisWeekI – Juju Salon’s Juliene Ebner

Since opening in 2005, Juju Salon & Organics is the place to go for organic treatments in Philly.

Owner Juliene Ebner wanted to help others by “doing business with cruelty-free, charitable manufacturers who are responsible to our communities and to our planet.”

Let’s get to know Juliene a little better:

Name: Juliene Ebner
Neighborhood: West Poplar
Occupation: Owner and Stylist at juju salon & organics
Fav part about Philly? Wissahickon hiking trails in Fairmont Park
One thing you think everyone else should try: Mindfulness Meditation


Juliene Ebner of Juju Salon’s #ThisWeekI:

  1. Picked up my CSA share from Red Earth Farm
  2. Ate Vegan, as it’s been proven to reduce one’s carbon footprint
  3. Counseled a distraught client about a medical condition that causes severe hair loss. I provided her with holistic and alternative remedies that she can incorporate into her doctor’s prescriptions.


Readers, what have you done this week? What are your goals?

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