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Zipquest: Ziplining Adventure in North Carolina – City Spotlight
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Zipquest: Ziplining Adventure in North Carolina – City Spotlight

zipquest NC zip lining adventure with the waterfall!I recently found myself in North Carolina on a cool weekend in January to see the sights with my companion. Although it was the midst of a southern winter, the desire to get outside and do something athletic (and obviously sustainable) was high as ever.

After searching for a few options, we found Zipquest Zip Lining.

Zipquest is located in Fayetteville, NC. This local zip line and canopy tour is perfect for anyone from beginner to zip lining pro. (Note: we were both in the ‘first time zip lining’ category.) The zip line is situated over Carver’s Falls – perfect to simultaneously preserve the habit while allowing people to enjoy being in nature. Once you walk past the entrance, you sign in at the little office, which perfectly blends in with the surrounding woods:

Zipquest Zip Line Adventure Center Entrance

Before you even think about zip lining, the zip guides get you suited up in harnesses & gear to ensure you’re safe as can be. Plus, the equipment just makes you look like you know what you’re doing. (Considering this was my first time, I look like I’m a pro… right?)

Zipquest North Carolina Zip line

Next, the guides take you on a sample “zip line” to make sure you know the essentials. Matt and Amanda were our Zip Line team leaders for the day. Both humorous and knowledgeable, they made us seem like pros within 5 minutes:

Zipquest Zip line NC adventure

Once you pass the first ‘test’, you’re off for your real first zip line trial. We were in a group of 5 total and moved relatively quickly without waiting for others. In between zips, we caught up with our new friends about their zip lining and everyday adventures. (Jerry, one of our group members, was off to eco-adventureland Costa Rica next!)

Although the main event it zip lining, Zipquest still challenges you with fears of heights (cough… me) by making you pose for pictures while dangling off the platform. Obviously you’re always strapped in to the safety line, but it’s still a nice adrenaline rush.

Zipquest NC Zip Line Adventure

What does it look like when you put the whole thing together? Here’s some leaked footage of me on one of the Zipquest zip lines, available exclusively here:

With all their credentials, you don’t have to question that you’re making a sustainable choice: Zipquest is a certified Sustainable Sandhills Green Business, American Outdoors Association Member and International Ecotourism Society Member.

Zipquest Zip Line Certified Green Business

Their facilities were very natural and included cute details like this “Recycle monster” bin:

Zipquest NC Zip line Recycle Bin

Although the entire Zipquest adventure took less than 3 hours of our day, we were ready to go back and zip line through it again! The entire day was fun, challenging, and something I’ll definitely try again!


Readers, have you ever tried zip lining? How was your experience? (Or if you haven’t, would you try it?)


Pictures: Green Philly Blog

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