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Traveling Waste Conundrums: Green Questions
Sustainable Travels

Traveling Waste Conundrums: Green Questions

It’s easy to get into the reusable groove at home, but what about when you’re on the road (or flight)?

I recently traveled to Austin to run a half marathon. Although I packed my stainless steel water bottle for the trip, my carry on suitcase was essentially full with all of my other goods. Before starting our day, we wanted a quick breakfast on the run. Asking for a bagel and coffee ended up with this much waste:


Although we could have sat down at a restaurant, that would have wasted 1-2 hours for a simple breakfast.

So what’s a sustainable gal (or guy) to do? Although you could bring a stainless steel dining set, it’s not always practical to carry. Things in ‘to go’ convenience stores often are prepackaged, or employees may be used to a packaging method. Often times chains insist on ‘sanitation’ measures with extra plastic and paper packaging. I remember once a waitress brought a styrofoam container to the table (proactively) but wasn’t allowed to bring it back to the kitchen because it ‘hit the table’.

What do you think about traveling and packaging waste? Any changes you’ve made?

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Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys long walks in the park with local beer and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Sir Floofus Drake. View all posts by Julie Hancher
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