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City Spotlight: Chicago’s Farmhouse Provides Seasonal & Homemade Eats
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City Spotlight: Chicago’s Farmhouse Provides Seasonal & Homemade Eats

Chicago-FarmhouseI tend to geek out over restaurants that specialize in seasonal, organic, homemade and sustainable fare. Though I’ve learned over the past few years that some aren’t so legit. For example, the menu is merely sprinkled with local lettuces and the fish is actually farm-raised and potentially genetically engineered. However, Chicago’s Farmhouse just may be the real deal.

I had a lovely experience at this farm to table ( tavern in this case) establishment.

Farmhouse makes a big effort to make much of their menu from scratch and source food locally.

They change the menu often based on food seasonality but some of the current yummy fare includes chicken soup with homemade dumplings, pan seared Lake Superior whitefish, and homemade forest mushroom and poblano pepper old world grain burger.  They also offer fresh, inventive salads and made-from-scratch burgers and condiments.

I also give them points for only supplying water when requested,  SO many restaurants keep diner’s water filled to the brim needlessly – the cumulative effect is a lot of water waste.

Farmhouse dubs itself a “midwestern craft tavern.”  If you find yourself in Chicago I recommend checking it out. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a leisurely, casual brunch or take in a game while enjoying some brew and grub.

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