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Healing Hangovers Without Eating Crap: Friday Quickie
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Healing Hangovers Without Eating Crap: Friday Quickie

hangover cure vegetarianBetween my love of whiskey, local brews & organic wines, it’s no secret I love a nice drink to unwind.

But if you were like 20,000 of my closest friends at the Food Trust’s South Street Night Market last evening, you may have enjoyed some delicious food last evening. (I sampled our fav Farm Truck, the Cheese Curds & a cupcake.) Oh, and maybe tried a few drinks last night. And like me, you may be faced with one of those obnoxious hangovers.

So how do you deal with the sweaty palms, urge to drink like a camel and not-so-hot hangovers? And if you don’t turn to juicy burgers & greasy bacon, WTF do you turn to as a veg?

7 hangover cures without meat:

  1. Hydrate. This is obvious, but it must be point #1. Your body is dehydrated, so drink lots of water. And turning to (my 23-year-old self’s BFF) Gatorade isn’t the best choice – questionable chemicals, loads of sugar and artificial ingredients. Coconut water has high levels of potassium, the key electrolyte that battles muscle cramps. 
  2. Get those vitamins. Smoothies & fruit juices (It’s super easy to DIY in a blender or food processor) carry loads of vitamin and lots of sugar that helps cure those leftover boozy toxins. If you’re anything like me, you’ll stock up on summer’s best in your fridge at any time: blueberries, bananas, raspberries, strawberries… the options are ENDLESS.
  3. Bananas: Potassium is another electrolyte your body needs after a night out on the town.
  4. Potatoes: Hashbrowns, home fries, latkes & more… also full of potassium.
  5. Greasy vegetarian food. So what that you’re avoiding those greasy meats for breakfast. Eggs contain cysteine – an amino acid to also help break down one of the hangover-causing toxins. Combined with cheese, veggies and (my personal fav, avocados) – eggs are the power food of your dreams.
  6. Bagels. I have no info on why they work, but they work miracles for me.
  7. Avoid processed foods. Most of the supermarket shelves are stocked with processed foods & GMOs. If you want chips or something ‘bad’, look for the Non-GMO project or organic labels, nuts or whip up something homemade.


Readers, tell us – especially before the weekend. What’s your magic hangover cure?


Photo: Women’s health

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