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Cardmunch Your Contacts & Stop Wasting Trees: Friday Quickie
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Cardmunch Your Contacts & Stop Wasting Trees: Friday Quickie

Cardmunch and iPhone apps to ease your business cardsYou know when you discover a new song, website, or life-hack iPhone app that seriously makes you feel like you’ve won the lottery? That’s how I felt with Cardmunch.

Even though I rarely print paper anymore, business cards are a necessity at networking events. I haven’t met a ‘green’ friend who hasn’t gone business-card free. It’s difficult to remember someone’s name, let alone company, etc., to look them up on LinkedIn the next day. Or what if the person isn’t on social networks?

Cardmunch is a super-easy iPhone App that made me feel like an instant millionaire. All you do is simply snap a picture of a business card and hit ‘upload’. Want to add a note to remember why you exchanged business cards? There’s a ‘notes’ section available even before the card is uploaded to ensure you can jot memorable things about your convo. The app automatically enters in your new contact’s information in the iPhone contact list format (without interfering with your actual contact list, avoiding that dreaded fat finger dial). Cardmunch simply saves you the work of a rolodex, Google Doc Spreadsheet or other boring alternatives. Bonus: Since it’s connected to LinkedIn, you can view your new friend’s profile and connect if you so desire.

My only qualm is that you can’t “group” contacts by an event, business group, etc. so you have to add in notes for sorting purposes in advance.

Want to cut back on buying business cards, or perhaps you forgot yours? CardFlick is another awesome iPhone app where you can design your ‘business’ card and email it to a new friend on the spot. The best part? They don’t have to have the app in order to receive yours – Simply ask for their email and it displays your HTML card, where you met and a link to your ‘profile’ to connect on social networks.

Don’t worry about breaking the Apple bank, either. Both of these apps are F-R-E-E! I felt like a hoarder with 50-60+ business cards sitting around and knew there had to be an easier way (see picture). Cardmunch & CardFlick, thank you!

Readers, do you have any business card/type apps that have changed your life?

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