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Quality over Quantity: A Friday Quickie

Quality over Quantity: A Friday Quickie

quality over quantity Let’s face it – America is a disposable society. But there’s one mantra I have when shopping – whether it’s key pieces in my wardrobe, shoes, kitchenware or a suitcase:

Quality over quantity.

If you’re buying something that you’ll use again and again, it’s better to buy a better quality product instead of a cheaper version. Tempted by that sales rack $10 pair of shoes (originally $20)? If they’re cheaply made, you’ll need to replace them anyway and end up spending more over time. My Paige skinny jeans have lasted me 3+ years and counting although I wear them several times each month! (And people STILL compliment them.)

As our pockets aren’t endless, you don’t have to go top of the line every time. Just look over an item (how it’s built, are there any seams coming undone or hinges that are weak) and judge how it will last.

Also checking reviews on Consumer Reports or Amazon can help your call.

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