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How to Avoid Shopping on Amazon

How to Avoid Shopping on Amazon

As Bezos explores space instead of the climate crisis, we should explore how to cut our Amazon addiction

Earlier this week, the world’s richest billionaire launched into space in a phallic rocket (and unfortunately came back…)

Jeff Bezos believes that moving people into space is a better plan to avoid catastrophe than taking care of the planet humanity has ruined thus far. You know, so that humans can ruin two planets instead of just one.

Bezos pledged $10 billion to combat climate change, which first-round mostly went to large environmental nonprofits, including the Nature Conservancy, Natural resources Defense Conservancy, EDF, and more.

Beyond Bezos’ ideas, the environmental impact and working conditions of Amazon’s empire take a toll on the planet. In 2020, Amazon’s carbon emissions rose 19% even as global emissions dropped.

How can you break your Amazon addiction? It’s not as challenging as you may imagine! Here are seven steps to start:

7 ways to wean your amazon addiction:

  1. Shop local. Instead of defaulting to order on Amazon, use loacl businesses as deafult.
  2. Frequent Farmer’s Markets, CSAs and local grocers instead of Whole Foods. Bezos bought Whole Foods in 2017, converting it into a food warehouse for Instacart and Amazon Shoppers, closing the dining area and replacing employes with self check-outs. Instead of Whole Foods, you can ask your food producers questions IRL at the Farmer’s Market and Reading Terminal.
  3. Get rid of your prime account, echo and other Amazon subsidaries.I know, it’s like ripping off a bandaid.
  4. Schedule a refill day where you refresh your bulk item supply like groceries, detergents, soaps and other bath products. Zero-waste businesses like Good Buy Supply, Ray’s Reusables, the Rounds and more keep popping up in the city to make it easier for you.
  5. Gift experiences, gourmet foods or locally-made spirits or beers instead of defaulting to online shopping. You can also give the best gift of all – time – to the receiver.
  6. Use the library, little free library or local bookstores instead of Amazon. Remember when Amazon just sold books? Embrace the library, little free libraries across town or local, independent bookstores.
  7. The Buy Nothing Project allows neighbors to give away and receive items via Facebook.

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