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Philly Snowfall: Green Your Skiing & Snowboarding

Recycled jacket made from plastic bottles

As I walked to the SEPTA station this morning, I noticed how fluffy the snow is outside… PERFECT for skiing.  Skiing is one of my favorite addictions, but it’s unfortunately often not the most green sport.

We went over 11 Ways to Green Your Ski/Snowboarding last season, but here’s some more ideas:

  • Suit up in lower impact, organic, snow suits and clothes.  Patagonia’s recyclable clothing has a “Common Threads” tag and can be returned to the company for recycling… such an awesome idea!
  • Take public transit, carpool or use a ride-sharing service to and from the mountain.
  • If you’re in the market to buy new skis, go for a pair of the Top 10 eco-friendly brands.
  • Check the 2011 Ski Area Report Card from the Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition for the best slopes to support and the 10 worst.  (blogger note: wtf – I’ll be writing an email to Breck, apparently the worst offender in 2011, and one of my fav slopes in CO.)
  • Offset your Carbon Footprint by planting a tree or buying Terrapass.

Posted by Julie

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