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Philly Girls in Motion: Nonprofit Gets Young Ladies Active
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Philly Girls in Motion: Nonprofit Gets Young Ladies Active

What’s being a girl all about? Philly Girls in Motion is calling all girls to get out and active.

Philly Girls in Motion is a community-based program that includes various 8-week programs throughout the fall and spring. The organization includes three programs that offer a number of alternatives such as fitness programs, sports programs, and afterschool programs (a combination of fitness and sports).

Philly Girls in Motion – Beginnings

Established in 2009, Philly Girls in Motion was born after realizing there were not enough athletic programs for young girls. Founder Beth Devine decided to make a change through this non-profit . I chatted with Beth in order to find out more about their mission. As Devine said,

“The organization impacts the girls, in that, they get an opportunity that’s healthy for them and sends a consistent healthy message.”

Philly Girls in Motion encourages 7-13 year-old girls to get active for two or three hours a week and gets their families involved as well. The largest of the Philly Girls in Motion programs run in South Philly at the Edward O’Malley Athletic Association and the Guerin Recreation Center, although they run programs in Recreation Centers and schools in and around Philadelphia.

The fitness program includes running, group exercise classes and a mix of other fitness activities to try to spark the girls’ interests. Following the popular trends of lacrosse and basketball, Philly Girls in Motion has instructional leagues and clinics for the girls.

Don’t want to commit fully to a league or exercise class? The organization also offers an afterschool program, which includes a mixture of the fitness classes and sports programming.

Regardless of what program the girls get involved in, it teaches lifelong passions for fitness, crucial to keep kids happy and healthy. If we are able to teach them to enjoy exercising at a young age, they are more likely to continue with it later on. Athletics continues to be a great way for kids to become involved and find friends with similar interests; it gives them an opportunity to break out of their shell.

“There has been a positive change as kids start to learn and grow. They start to come to more events, and they buy into the idea of movement and getting into fitness”, said Devine.

Philly Girls in Motion presents young girls with the opportunity to be involved in athletics within a safe, social, atmosphere.

Do you know a great candidate for the program? Visit the Philly Girls in Motion website for upcoming sessions. Don’t know a young girl but want to help? You can also donate to the program straight from the website.

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