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healthy hoohoo: Secrets to Keeping your Lady Parts Clean & Healthy
Health & Beauty

healthy hoohoo: Secrets to Keeping your Lady Parts Clean & Healthy

healthy hoohoo, a natural wash for lady partsWhen I first read a pitch for a feminine, ‘natural’ cleaner, I was slightly apprehensive about greenwashing. However, talking with healthy hoohoo founder Stacy Lyon was informative, enlightening and straight-up fun. And I totally understand why her products are essential in the market.

A self described “outdoor, wildlife & mountain woman”, Stacy Lyon grew up a simple lady and was living with the closest grocery store 21 miles away. Then, one of her friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and she heard the word “paraben’ for the first time.  Compiled with 2 other convos in 1 week with her OBGYN and another friend, she realized that women are in the perfect storm for their lady parts with popular products: polyester thongs, processed food & cheap toiletries. And then there was this statistic, which shocked me:

feminine cleanser for lady parts, healthy hoohoo
healthy hoohoo, natural products for your lady parts

99% of breast cancer tumors contained at least 1 paraben. If you don’t recognize “paraben“, it’s a preservative used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals… And it’s most likely lurking in your shampoos, lotions, makeups, shaving gels, and a LOT of your other beauty products. These chemicals often include the word “paraben” at the end – such as methylparaben, proplyparaben, and many more. (If you want to see how natural your fav brand it, check the EWG Cosmetics Database for a list of ingredients AND a ‘grade’.)

So why do healthy hoohoo’s foam, cleansing wash & wipes matter in the market? Now for education time…

Women’s ‘regions’ consist of the vagina & vulva. The VJ is a wonderful bacteria-killing, organ which self-cleanses and functions on its own. The vulva, however, has a lot of sweating/heating and may need to be washed from time to time. Since Stacy’s and active lady, she recognizes the need that products exist for your lady flower and need something natural. (After checking EWG, I found popular brands Vagisil, Summers Eve & competitors have multiple paragons, fragrances & other dangerous chemicals.) healthy hoohoo gentle feminine wash & products were born.

I chatted with Stacy about healthy hoohoo products & lady care, and here’s what she had to say:

1. What you would recommend to women for overall care “down there?”

“This may be anti-marketing, but just water would solve half of these problems.” First and foremost, water is key to cleaning much of your region. But healthy hooohoo work for the part your need to wash on occasion, and restore the PH balance. (For example, if you have a great workout or are camping.) I did like her logic: She’s not trying to sell you on something that you don’t need. If you do need it, here’s a healthy alternative to the crap out there.  As Stacy says, “It’s a self-cleaning oven, don’t over-cleanse!”

2. Will you expand to other feminine products?

“Not at this time. If I could create something, I’d like to create a line of sexy, organic cotton underpants. Women often wear the wrong material.”

3. What recommendations do you have for the monthly lady time?

“It’s a delicate region and the most absorbent part of the body.  Women should mix it up a little bit. When I’m backpacking, I use the Diva Cup (which leaves no footprint), organic 100% tampons, or pads. If you use only 1 thing, it can more likely build up irritation. However, even pads can ‘transfer bacteria’ from the back-end. Overall, women should use the cleanest, most natural product available to them without chemicals or added fragrances.”

Ladies, your lady flower DOESN’T have to smell like roses – ignore the marketing brainwash of advertising campaigns.

5. What’s one eco-secret you want to share?

“My number one pet peeve is camping in a pristine place and seeing a plastic applicator in the middle of nowhere. When you’re traveling, go for applicator-free varieties!”

Another fun fact? As for healthy hoohoo, her healthy hoohoo sample wash packets are so natural they actually biodegrade after 3 days if left in the shower – so use them quickly!

Healthy hoohoo also formulated to be close to a women’s PH balance in their regions. The product line is fragrance-free,  paraben-free & hypoallergenic for gentle care ‘down there’.  Never tested on animals, it’s great for women of all ages, formulated with a blend of botanical extracts and ingredients and gives the right amount of classing and moisturizing.

healthy hoohoo is available on their website, & should be coming to Philly’s region by March 2013.

Ladies, what natural treatments do you have for your ‘healthy’ hoohoos? Any questions for Stacy?

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