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Green Your Super Bowl Party

Getting ready for the big game on Sunday?  Even if the Eagles couldn’t make it to the Superbowl, you can follow in Lincoln Financial Field’s greenest stadium-in-the-world footsteps & green your Super Bowl party!

Here’s a few suggestions to make your Super Bowl party an eco-conscious gathering:

  • Go for local & eco-friendly beer choices like Yards or Earth – Bread + Brewery. Remember – you’re lessening the carbon footprint if beer’s local.
  • or eco-friendly booze.
  • Put labels on cups so you don’t use as many.
  • Or, try using reusable flatware and cups and stick them in the dishwasher afterwards. The magic of technology makes cleanup a lot easier!
  • Share vegetarian foods – Wisconsin’s famous for cheese that can top veggie burgers or create a dip with a low carbon footprint!
  • Encourage guests to take public transit or carpool to the party
  • Send invitations electronically
  • Instead of making disposable decorations, decorate your food (cookies, cakes, etc.) to display team spirit. Perogies for Pittsburgh, anyone? Green cupcakes for Green Bay?
  • Recycle your beer empties – whether aluminum can, bottle or jar!
  • Cleanup with eco-friendly cleaners like Seventh Generation or Method, and use sponges/cloth towels instead of paper.

Readers, what are you doing to green your super bowl party?

Posted by Julie

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Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys long walks in the park with local beer and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Sir Floofus Drake. View all posts by Julie Hancher
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