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Green Perspective: Green Gifts Made Simple

green-box-500_largeGreen Perspective combines two of my favorite things – environmentally-friendly gifts and convenient on-line shopping.

Green Perspective, a Philadelphia-based company, offers green gift baskets with themes like “Green Your Kitchen” and “Eco-Mom” that you can easily align to the needs of the recipient (or yourself!).  Trying to get a friend or family member on the green wave?  Check out the beginner “greenie” gift bag Intro to Green (though with items like a bamboo cutting board, reusable travel mug and envirosax bag, this a gift that anyone would find practical use for – hint, hint friends & fam!)  The pre-filled gift baskets mean you don’t have to deal with tedious decision-making.  We could all use a lot less of the ‘what should I get them??’ gift-giving grief around the holidays.

Local environmentalist Todd Baylson launched his on-line store last August.  Through speaking with Todd, his enthusiasm for the Green Perspective products and for the option to give green is evident.  His business practices speak to his environmental standards.  Todd is dedicated to working with as many local manufacturers as possible.  The company reuses and recycles packaging materials.  They also ship responsibly – using USPS shipping (which has received the cradle to cradle certification for their ecologically-intelligent design and the elimination of waste in their production.)

This holiday season, Todd has teamed up with Sweet Pea Nourishment, a local farm to farm service company, to offer cool gift pairings combining Green Perspective products with delicious samplings of locally grown food items.  Some of the packages even include expert-guided cooking classes you can host in your own home.  The gift packages are available to Philadelphia area and South Jersey residents. (email for more info.)

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