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Ecozuzu – a new Eco-friendly fashion line!

photo5Looking for some eco-friendly brands?

Santa Barbara native & surfer Josephine Tournier Ingram is the owner and designer of a fun new creative & natural clothing line called Ecozuzu. This natural brand is made by a local printer, hand-crafted (no sweatshops) and made out of 100% certified organic cotton, low-impact dyes, and recycled materials like food containers, soft drinks & water bottles.

Josephine had been designing graphics for apparel when she realized she wanted to create a line committed to preserving the environment.  She started creating a few t-shirts as Christmas presents for family and friends.  She found her calling and launched her line  in November 2008. (Our favorite Adrian Grenier and his team on Planet Green’s Alter Eco have been wearing the apparel around town & the small screen!)

Her line is developed almost 100% locally, from the photographer to the materials. Josephine’s clothes are fun and relaxed, definitely a reflection of her SoCal personality – A lot of the graphics have personal touches or ‘secret messages’ as she mentioned, inspired by trees or flowers around her.

Josephine has always been incorporated earth-friendly methods and made sure to use companies along the way that are also green.  Worried about your carbon footprint from shipping?  Luckily, the tags are printed on recycled paper with soy inks and packaging is made from locally recycled materials relieving some of the ‘eco-pain.’

One of her future goals is to make the line more affordable – so the more you support these types of options, the more they become available and cheaper for everyone!

Visit the Ecozuzu website to see current prints & accessories.

Posted by Julie

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