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Eco-Quotable: Chloe Sevigny

Who would have guessed she has  “Big Love” for the environment too?

“Being eco-friendly makes you feel good about yourself. Who cares if people call you a hippie?”

-Chloë Sevigny, of Big Love Fame

That’s not all – she lists her green habits as… ‘unplugging chargers, hang drying clothes, bringing my own mug and jugs of water that I fill at home to the set, (this habit has inspired many a co-star), recycling everything possible including clothes and bric-a-brac, trying to consume less and buying less junk in my day-to-day life, changing to energy efficient bulbs, eating less meat and buying organic. I never use plastic bags and always bring my own, whether shopping for clothes or groceries. I also take public transportation. Even if people bug me on the train, it’s much faster anyway.’

I’d say that’s a pretty incredible decent list.

(Courtesy of EcoStiletto & Healthy Bitch Daily)

Posted by Julie

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