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8 Ways to Host a Successful ‘Yard’ Sale: WCI Weds

8 Ways to Host a Successful ‘Yard’ Sale: WCI Weds

how to host a yard saleWhether it’s August or feels more like “Rain-Fall”, there’s never a bad time to cleanse your life… which means getting rid of those piles of clothes you haven’t worn for a year and those ‘registry’ gifts you never bothered opening.

One great way to do that? Hosting a yard sale! (or apartment/condo/room sale.)

In honor of Where Can I Wednesday, we’re addressing How Can (you) host the best yard sale in Philly.

8 tips to host a successful yard sale:

  1. Host at peak times. Yard sales work best on Saturday/Sunday, but you may also get some sales during high ‘foot’ traffic times (like commuting home from work or during a nearby festival/event.
  2. Price items accordingly. People will try to bargain down prices. Either come up with a tiered pricing system (prices reduce by 10% at 2 PM, 25% 4 PM, 50% 6 PM) or come up with your lowest bargain price and mark up a few dollars. Not sure of final prices? Come up with….
  3. Create an Inventory list. This will help you track what items you have and what’s sold, as well as tracking your ‘bottom’ prices.
  4. Advertise your sale prior. Inform people of your yard sale on Craigslist, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and hang signs nearby. Getting a few neighbors (or your block) on the action to host a table also will help increase turn-out.
  5. Scope out other locales to sell. Not on a high traffic street? Buy a table at a flea market like for a neighborhood, church or cause.
  6. Have small bills ready. Get lots of $1’s and $5’s to break change.
  7. Arrange your table with similar items together. Come up with a logical ‘system’ that makes it easy for browsing.
  8. Donate your unsold items. Rather than hauling your unsold items back into boxes, drop them off at a local goodwill or offer on Craigslist/Freecycle. It’s good for your mind. If you’ve already decided you can give it up – don’t re-clutter your home! 🙂

Readers, what tips do you have?

Photo: Blue Planet Green Living


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