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6 Tips for Sustainable Holiday Decorations

6 Tips for Sustainable Holiday Decorations

The holidays are finally here!

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quite like twinkling lights, fresh garland, fragrant Christmas trees, red velvet stockings, and candle lit menorahs.

While decorations really bring out the holiday cheer, not all décor is environmentally friendly. Here’s a few ways to decorate sustainably.

6 Tips for Sustainable Holiday Decorations:

1. Solar Power String Lights

Conserve energy by trading in your plug-in string lights for solar powered string lights this year! Solar powered lights will gather enough sunlight during the day to keep your lights twinkling throughout the night (most will last 6 to 12 hours depending on sun exposure). Stop at your local garden store like Urban Jungle (or Home Depot if you’re in a bind) for a variety of colors to make your display special and unique.

2. Christmas Trees

What’s Christmas without the fresh pine tree scent? Getting a real tree for the season is always more sustainable than getting a fake tree. Most faux trees are created with metal and plastic, take a lot of energy to make and leave a large carbon footprint. If you cannot get a real tree this year, be sure to purchase a sustainable fake tree like the one found here!

3. Beeswax candles

Try using beeswax candles in your menorah this year instead of a standard candle. Standard candles frequently use paraffin wax, which gives off toxic chemicals and produces black soot. Beeswax is a natural and renewable resource, produces zero harmful toxins and does not produce any soot. Check out Bee Natural at 51 N 12thSt. in Philly to get your local holiday candles.

4. Scrap Paper Decor

Instead of throwing out all that scrap paper that youhave lying around your desk, make it into a holiday decoration! The possibilities are endless with using only paper, scissors, and tape. Create a festive paper Christmas tree, a winter wonderland by cutting paper snowflakes and snowmen or try spicing up the 8 days of Hanukah by creating your very own paper menorahs and Star of David. When the holidays are over, throw your decorationsin the recycling bin.

5. Bottle Lights

Instead of throwing all your bottles in the recycling bin right after your holiday celebration, reuse them to create a beautiful bottle light display. All you must do is remove the outer bottle label, rinse out the inside, and place string lights in the bottle. Different sized bottles will make your display really pop, so provide your loved ones with various beverages this season!

6. Dried Fruit Ornaments

Why buy metal and plastic ornaments when you can make your own sustainable ornaments? One hack is to use dried fruit! Simply dry out your favorite fruit slices, poke a hole in the top of each piece, and loop a small piece of linen through the holes. Hang on your tree, your shelves, or your walls to create an original, fragrant (and tasty!) holiday presentation.

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