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5 Green Books to Read this Earth Day

5 Green Books to Read this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! (Although Earth Day IS every day…)

Hopefully, you’ll celebrate by joining our Green Week cleanup today, hugging a tree and writing a few notes to legislators. It’s also the perfect day to get an environmental book to read!

I know, I know. I’m encouraging you to get offline and pick an analog to read. When I first joined my book club, I was on the verge of getting kicked out frequently. Although my word nerds never threatened me, I knew that my hectic schedule and reading 30% of each book was frustrating for all of them.

Now, you’ll find me snuggling with a book on break at work, a reading fiend psyched to talk about our latest book club pick.

So what books should you read this Earth Day? With the science and climate info changing (an Inconvenient Truth is now 13 years old), here are a few latest green publications to pick up.

5 books to add to your list for Earth Day

Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope by Eileen Flanagan

Who should read it: Those who feel like they’re sitting on the sidelines and want to get motivated, or want to read a Philly-local’s tale on getting involved in climate action.

TL:DR summary: Philadelphia native Eileen Flanagan was worried about her children’s future on a warming planet until she found the courage to change her life… and found herself (briefly) in jail.

There is No Planet by Mike Berners-Lee

Who should read it: For those who haven’t yet read Drawdown, number nerds and those who want to respond to climate deniers with practical solutions.

TL:DR summary: How can humans actually solve climate change? Mike Berners-Lee crunched numbers to figure out how many of us need to give up meat, flying, fracking and having any children. It’s a little more complicated, but he breaks down how a much a single action (i.e. cutting down waste by half) matters in the grand scheme of things (would add 20% to the world’s food supply).

Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet. by Ashlee Piper

Who should read it: Your friend who talks about how she knows she should really bring her tote bag shopping but keeps forgetting it in her car, your boyfriend who still uses conventional condoms AND you, especially if you read Green Philly!

TL:DR summary: This book provides loads of sustainable tips for your home, kitchen, closet, in the wild, and even includes recipes. It’s fun to read and does have a few more (un-bleeped) swear words like the cover implies.

The Madhouse Effect by Michael E Mann & Tom Toles

Who should read it: Do you fight with your uncle every Thanksgiving about why climate change isn’t a hoax? Do you want to learn how to effectively talk about climate change more effectively?

TL:DR summary: This book addresses how can you effectively talk about climate change, including those hardcore deniers. The paperback edition even includes Trump’s attacks on climate change, tips for fighting the lies about climate change and why talking about it can be tricky. Plus, the author is pretty much a living climate science legend.

Julie Hancher & Michael E. Mann

Drawdown by Paul Hawken

Who should read it: Those ready to quit their jobs and start working on climate solutions, entrepreneurs, and sustainability nerds.

TL:DR summary: The subtitle of Drawdown, The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, may seem intense, but that reflects this book. This book is more of a textbook that describes the 100 most substantive solutions to climate change. It may be wiser to buy this book and read it in chunks instead of borrowing it from the library (like I did…)

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