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Breezy’s Cafe: Pirate Cats & Great Food FTW

Breezy’s Cafe: Pirate Cats & Great Food FTW

breezys cafeIf you follow our Twitter page, you may have seen me praise the newest, bad-ass cafe around. Breezy’s Cafe is a local treat located right in Point Breeze.

Whether you’re in the mood for a vegan, veggie or carnivorous treat, Breezy’s Cafe offers a daily variety of sandwiches, salads & sides.

Their specials on Instagram make me salivate daily.

Breezy’s Cafe Philosophy

We asked the Breezy team about their amazing feat and inspiration to create such a gem. It turns out the owner Kristin Wolak (with support of her boyfriend Scott Harnish) has a passion for healthy, nutritious food and wanted to offer it for super-reasonable prices. As Wolak explained,

As residents of the Point Breeze neighborhood, we realized the frustration of not having healthy/quality food options and that motivated us to open Breezy’s Cafe. Our hope was to create an affordable dining option for all dietary lifestyles – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, traditional. Once we decided to take the jump into owning a business, we pledged to carry our personal beliefs into the business. That’s why we have some (self-imposed) strict business guidelines such as… We don’t sell anything that contains high fructose corn syrup. All of our meats are unprocessed and are free of steroids and sodium nitrates/nitrites. All of our cheeses are natural with no rBGH and made from humanely treated cows. We only use farm fresh eggs from free range chickens. We use as much local products as we possibly can. We will not sell anything that comes in a plastic bottle. We only use packaging for our products that is either compostable or recyclable. We use as much organic produce as we can.

Wolak has lived in Philadelphia for 10 years, but currently calls Point Breeze home. I visited the cafe with a friend who lives right around the corner.

We split two veggie sandwiches, and they were both AMAZING. One was a veggie cheesesteak, and the other was a veg BLT. Plus, the hand cut fries were icing on the veggie feast cake:

Breezy's Cafe

The Story Behind Breezy’s Cafe’s Mascot

When you support Breezy’s Cafe, you’re not just getting delicious, fresh, awesome food. They also have great hearts, too.

The mascot of Breezy’s Cafe is infamously a pirate cat. The owner, Kristin, found the poor cat with severe head trauma and was immediately alarmed. Although several vets wanted to put him down, she raised over $4000 to give the cat a fighting chance. And luckily she did, since he’s happily living with other rescues now:

breezy's cafe pirate cat

And he’s an orange tabby just like my moby cat!

What’s next for Breezy’s? They call it a work in progress (although it could be called ‘delicious’ and smoothies/juice are the next goal. Check it out for yourself!

If You Go:

Breezy’s Cafe is located at 2011 Reed Street in Phila, PA. Contact them at 267-858-4186 or


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