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5 reasons to gift local this holiday season
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5 reasons to gift local this holiday season

Celebrate Sustainably with Philly Foodworks

The holiday shopping rush seems extra panicky this year, thanks to global supply chain issues caused by factory closures, shipping delays, and shortages in China and other major export hubs throughout the world. But what if, instead of impulse-buying gadgets based on their arrival dates, we bypassed the whole long-distance shipping issue and bought holiday presents from artisans and producers in our community?

Shopping closer to home isn’t just about supporting local businesses. It’s also a much better choice for our environment and the sustainability of our local economy.

In other words, it’s time for an attitude adjustment. Rather than thinking of the global supply chain crisis as an obstacle, let’s view it as an opportunity. There are countless amazing products made in and around Philadelphia, and if you have an account with Philly Foodworks, then you can find many of them all in one place and have them delivered to your door in days, not weeks or months. (Looking at you, last-minute holiday shoppers!)

Philly Foodworks is an online retailer that sells grocery, home, and gift items produced in the greater Philadelphia region. Though they are best known for their efforts to support local farmers, they also boast the largest selection of locally made gift items in our area. Think hand-poured candles, beeswax wraps, candies, chocolates, specialty coffees and teas, jams, raw honey and maple syrup, small-batch hot sauce, kitchen textiles, natural body oils and beauty products, and way more. 

Five Reasons to Gift Local This Holiday Season

  1. It reduces your carbon footprint. Locally produced items require less travel (and therefore produce way less carbon emissions) than products made overseas. And to take that one step further, the products sold in Philly Foodworks’ market are made using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, which reduces your carbon footprint even more.    
  2. Smaller businesses tend to make more Earth-friendly choices. Products made in small batches by artisans and local businesses require less packaging in general. Plus, Philly Foodworks has found that most local makers in our area demonstrate much more sustainable practices than their larger competitors do, using recycled materials and packaging, sourcing locally, and prioritizing natural ingredients. 
  3. Investing in local producers helps the whole community. Americans are panicking about the global supply chain crisis because we’ve come to rely on imports for too many of our daily essentials. When you choose to buy locally made foods, gifts, and other products, you help make it possible for more businesses to grow and thrive in our area, which results in a more sustainable local economy and reduces our dependence on foreign-made items. Additionally, local businesses are invested in their own communities, and many of them donate to food banks and use portions of their profits to help those in need.
  4. You’ll discover interesting and exciting new products. Resist the urge to buy that big jar candle as a hostess gift, and show up with a hot sauce–making kit instead, or maybe a wedge of local cheese and a few spices from a local company. With more than [insert number of producers] in their online market, Philly Foodworks makes it easy to scope out the coolest gift items made in our region.   
  5. Local gifts offer a sense of connection. Handmade products are noticeably different from products that come off an assembly line. Often, they have artsy labels and little notes attached to them with twine, offering whimsical descriptions of farmers or locally sourced ingredients, anecdotes about the business, or original recipes. And the customer service you get from local makers is just as thoughtful and personal, because they really care about their products and the people who buy them. 

Want to learn more about Philly Foodworks and the local businesses they support? Click here to sign up for their email newsletter today

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