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Da Vinci Art Alliance 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia

Every year Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) puts on a free month-long arts, science, and culture festival throughout the month of April. Everyday Futures Fest (EFF) explores how Philadelphians can incorporate cultural, urban, and environmental sustainability into their everyday lives....


Everyday Futures Fest 2024

Da Vinci Art Alliance 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia

This year, Da Vinci has 30+ programs running through the month of April, and on the day of the block party itself, 30+ vendors, orgs tabling, and food pop-ups. Our events range in craft, focus, and approach to sustainability, from...


Earth Day Block Party ft. Speedy Ortiz and PHABO

Franklin Square 6th & Race Streets, Philadelphia

Join the Climate Action Campaign and partners for a Climate Solutions Now Earth Day Rally in Philadelphia on April 21st from 1-4pm at Franklin Square as we celebrate the great strides that have been made to combat climate change and...

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