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TerraGlo Lighting – Philly-based company Saves on Energy Bill

TerraGlo Lighting based out of Warminster, PA carries both indoor & outdoor lighting systems that foster energy efficiency (up to 80%) and are good for the environment and your wallet.  These lights need only be replaced about every 10 years (or 50,000 operating hours), a wise investment.

As a truly green company, TerraGlo promises to not only replace these inefficient existing lighting systems with LED technology, but to also recycle all of your old fixtures, fluorescent tubes, and related items in an ecologically sound manner.

TerraGlo lighting is always developing new products for your convenient lighting needs: a highly qualified group of engineers have created a  2’ x 2’ flat-panel indoor light, considered by many to be “top of the line.”  New products they’re offering include a Lay-In Flat-Panel Light (debuting by the end of February) that incorporates higher efficiency LEDs and enhanced thermal management, Cargo Light (useful in garages, refrigerators and automotive sites) and exterior lights.

TerraGlo Lighting will be at the Bucks County Great Green Expo March 20, 2010 in Doylestown, PA and Go Green Expo in Philadelphia this year, April 16-18th in the Business/Electronics Pavilion.

Interested in learning more? Call 1.800.397.4940 or visit TerraGlo’s website.

Posted by Julie

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