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Here comes the sun: Greater Phila Expo Center goes Solar

Here comes the sun: Greater Phila Expo Center goes Solar

Expo center becomes the largest convention venue solar array in PA and the #12 largest solar project in the state.

Solar’s catching on in Montgomery county.

The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and Fairgrounds recently installed the largest solar array in a state convention venue. With over 1.2 MW of solar power, the project is the 2nd largest in Montgomery County and 12th overall in the state.

The panels are projected to generate enough energy to power 140 events held annually, plus a surplus to go back to the grid. To translate that into lamens terms, these commercial panels produce enough energy to power 200 homes.

The project cost $3 million dollars and is anticipated to show an ROI in eight years.

We are committed to the sustainable-energy movement and enhancing the quality of life in our community and in our country for future generations,” said Pam Derderian, CEO of 15 Minutes Inc. and Expo Center spokesperson.

Montgomery County contains over 3000 solar energy systems that generate over 40 megawatts of electricity. The county passed a Commitment to Sustainable Operations resolution in 2019, setting a goal to transition to 100% clean, renewable electricity for county-owned assets by 2035, and to transition to 100 percent renewable energy for heat and transportation by 2050.

The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center hosts events like the National Dog Show and was featured in the Netflix film “Hustle” starring Adam Sandler.

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