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Articles Written by Grace Rieck

22 posts
Originally from Rochester, New York, Grace studies Communications at Saint Joseph’s University. Green from birth, she grew up wearing reusable cloth diapers and eating co-op vegetables. She's always been conscious of humanity’s impact on the environment. She hopes to eventually form a career as a way to advocate her ethical & sustainability principles.

White Bean and Kale Soup

I love creating soups over the weekends to devour throughout the week. One of my many favorites (especially during the Fall season) is White Bean and Kale soup. I love this soup for 3 reasons: it’s healthy, easy & cheap (perfect for any budget).
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Health & Beauty

The Argument for Giving Sunscreen a Break

Are you one of those people who always thinks that summer is too short? Like it or not, summer must end. Don’t fret: outdoor fun is possible all year round. Fall is the time of leaf piles, camping, hiking, football and kickball. Even as the temperature drops, it’s easy to overextend your sun exposure. But we’ll walk you through how to protect yourself – from the sun and dangerous chemicals, too.
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Amanda Feifer of Phickle Talks Fermentation

Recently, I sat down with the amazing Amanda Feifer, blogger and creator of Phickle. Phickle is an instructional blog about fermented dishes. Many of the recipes, tips, and information focuses not only on fermented vegetables; but other ferments including coffee, cheese, beer, bread, Sauerkraut, traditional pickles, kimchi, milk/water kefir, kombucha, and much more!
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Chilled Vegetarian Orzo Salad

I was recently looking for an easy side recipe to bring to a potluck and remembered this lovely summer recipe my mom frequently creates. Orzo salad is simple and refreshing. And the best part is that all the ingredients are effortlessly found at any CSA or farmers’ market. The dish is easy to prepare and open to interpretation and experimentation. If you’re having a hard time with an abundance of veggies, orzo salad can use all your leftover CSA vegetables. Find the recipe, after the jump!
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Steve Brill, Full Moon Ride, & Farm Tours: Weekend Guide: 8/8 – 8/10

Yay! You made it to Friday! How was your week? Did you take a walking tour of Philly parks, join the Bicycle Coalition’s coffee club, or even have a green drink? If you still need to make plans for this weekend, look no further. We have a plethora of green events happening around the city. Whether you're looking to forage for mushrooms, visit farmers’ markets, tour farms, or ride your bike under the full moon, we have rounded up the best events for you!
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