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Quick Tips

Friday Quickie: Are AntiBacterial Soaps Best?

During cold and flu season it's important to be especially diligent about washing our hands.  But are the often touted antibacterial soaps really better when it comes to preventing germs? Some experts say that plain ol regular soap and water do the job just as well. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has made statements that hand washing with regular soap is as effective at removing germs as antibacterial soaps, and they don't necessarily endorse antibacterial soap. So what's the key to cleanliness and germ-fighting?
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Quick Tips

Friday Quickie: Go For the Bar!

This Friday, we're asking you to go for the Bar! (of soap.) Over the past year, I’ve swapped liquid body wash for the bar variety.  It’s less expensive and saves packaging waste. Plus, all of that water IN the liquid wash uses… you guessed it, more water.  (More water = more weight & energy = increased fuel costs for transportation) Supposedly the average bar of soap lasts for 20 showers (vs. a 16 ounce of body wash is 80) – Although body wash costs more than 4 x’s the bar. (However, my bars of soap seem to last literally for 30-40 showers.)
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