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single-stream recycling

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Where Can I (Wednesday)… Recycle Paper Towel & Toilet Tubes?

When I stop home at my parents house, I try to give them some hints of what they're not recycling (and should) as the self-appointed 'recycle police'.  But then I see it... No paper, but a lonely tube, surrounded by tissues. Good news: Paper tubes from paper towels, TP, tape, etc., can go into your Single Stream Recycling! No extra effort. Recycle on!  (And try to use dishtowels instead of paper...) ;-)
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Good News for Philly Recycling

A positive change is in effect for Philadelphia’s recycling program - Philadelphia residents can now recycle every week on the same day as their neighborhood trash collection day. This change is much more convenient for Philly dwellers. Gone are the days of trying to remember what two weeks of the month recycling pick-up falls on. Mayor Nutter’s administration's new policy is an indication that they've held true to their vow to improve Philadelphia’s recycling. Since the introduction of city-wide single-stream recycling last summer, Philly’s recycling rate has gone from about 6 to 10 %. Though we have a long way before being on par with other big city’s recycling programs, progress is being made. Not sure what day is your trash/recycling pick-up is?
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