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Sierra Club

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Worthy Green Band: CAKE

The band Cake has been making music for over a decade. These days, they’re known as one of the greenest bands in the world. In an age where some artists are emitting carbon like it’s their job – Cake’s efforts are pretty darn refreshing. In 2008 the band converted it's Sacramento recording studio to run 100 percent from solar energy. Some of Cake’s other green initiatives include:
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Obama's Inauguration – Green Events Near & Far

Many Americans are gearing up for a trip to DC with the intention or hope to catch president-elect Barack Obama's inauguration. From an environmental perspective, January 20th couldn't come sooner. I was appalled after reading a Rolling Stone article regarding Bush's midnight regulations - the majority of these last minute regs (including the hit on the Endangered Species Act) are atrocities to the environment, leaving many to question how big of a mess Obama will need to clean up.
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