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seasonal produce

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CSA Adventures: Why Should You Join?

My CSA has officially started... and it has made me one happy woman. I picked up my friend's CSA share last summer and loved the experience. Yet after making my weekly trek to the farmer's market, I decided to bite the bullet and officially enroll for a share. After researching many local CSAs (Or Community Shared (or Supported) Agriculture), (find out more about why you should join a CSA after the jump!)
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Seasonal Produce Guide

To me few things taste better than a fresh summer peach or a crisp fall apple. I love buying seasonal produce because I know I’m getting the best quality, and here in Philadelphia most grocers offer locally grown produce. While shopping for fruits and veggies do you ever feel unsure of what to buy during certain times of the year? Here’s a quick guide to what fruits and vegetables are in top form each season:
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