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Sarah Palin

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Mascots for Global Warming?

I love mascots. The Phillies Phanatic is the best entertainment for baseball, the Nittany Lion did the complete Napoleon Dynamite dance in between quarters at Penn State... and even Swoop is entertaining to watch. My least favorite mascot? Polar bears. Cute, white Coca Cola symbols may have been what came to mind when you thought about polar bears ten years ago. Now, most people associate polar bears as the "mascot" of global warming. Even Coke is promoting a fund to save these animals instead of using them as "marketing material." Environmental action groups constantly send out emails requesting funds to 'save the polar bears' featuring pictures of these beautiful animals dying from ice melting around them.
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Vice Presidential Debate: Green Perspective

Hopefully you tuned into the vice presidential debate last Thursday evening after the Phillies beat the Brewers. In case you missed it, here's an 8 minute summary**. So what eco-discussions did you miss? Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin proposed energy independence from foreign sources as the solution to our current energy crisis. Her ideas:
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Next in US Office? Enviro Issues For Nov 4th's '08 election

Hopefully, you're paying close attention to the impending election for the next US president. Philadelphia's involvement in the political race/ in Pennsylvania's electoral college has been spotlighted recently. John McCain and Sarah Palin made a trip to Philly the other day, and Michelle Obama/Jill Biden will be coming to Philadelphia tomorrow. So who's the greener candidate?
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