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reusable bags

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Plastics: Challenges and Potential

Synthetic plastics—once heralded as the materials of the future—are now recognized as a growing environmental threat. But when did our wonder and excitement about plastic products transform into anxiety and doubt? When Did Plastics Become a Problem? Come to the...
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Fall Sale: Reusable Bags

Happy Monday! (Hmmm... Is that an oxymoron?) Here's something to brighten the start of your week: Check out the major fall sale! If it's time to invest in some new bags or you just have the shopping itch - this site has a good selection. I'm a big fan of these bags. They're sturdy enough to handle heavier items and are made of 100% recycled fabric.
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Make Your Own Reusable Bag!

One of the most quick-catching green habits (notice I didn’t say trends) is the reusable bag. It’s old news that carrying your own bags for groceries, clothes shopping, as lunch “boxes” etc is a great way to cut down on plastic and paper waste. But what about taking this action a step further and creating your own reusable bags from materials around the home? That’s what Valerie Frazier of Langhorne, PA does. “Going out and purchasing a manufactured bag seemed as though it was adding to the problem of too much stuff in the world,” Valerie said. So, she decided to find a way to use her big ol stash of grocery bags. The result?
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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste & Be Green

A common argument is that the recycling process causes more harm than good. While recycling vehicles & factories do give off carbon emissions, they're intercepting trash from landfills and oceans - which is much more harmful in the long-run. How can you limit the 'harm' of recycling in Philadelphia or your local area? Reduce the amount of materials you use in everyday life. Here are 6 ways to limit your waste:
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BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

Like my co-blogger Enviro-Beth, I too have a pet peeve. Mine is plastic. I'll admit it - When the canvas bag started making an appearance, I didn't really 'get' it. (I wasn't always green - before, I could only recycle the newspapers. As a kid, I tried sneaking in my old homework into the newspaper bin until my Dad broke the news that the township wouldn't take them. It hurt my feelings to put those in the trash.) So why are reusable bags important?
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