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Streets Department & Recyclebank Win Statewide Nod

Streets Department & Recyclebank receive 2014 Pennsylvania Waste Watchers Award. Our own Philadelphia City Street and Recyclebank won the 2014 Pennsylvania Waste Watchers Award for their Hunting Park Recycles Initiative. The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP) recognizes Pennsylvania’s best recycling programs annually. Find out more about this award, after the jump:
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Philly Recycles Tour Kicks Off 9/7

Are you one of those few cavemen (or cavewomen) without a recycling bin? Not sure how to get rewards for recycling? The Philly Recycles Tour is coming to neighborhoods across the city to distribute FREE recycling bins, sign up for rewards, give the 411 on how to recycle (or what to recycle) in Philadelphia and more! he Philly Recycles Tour Schedule:
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Streets Department Giving Away FREE 32 Gallon Recycle Bins! (WCI)

Is your recycle bin overflowing compared to your trashcan? (Hint: If you're shopping wisely, reusing & composting, you should barely have trash in the can!) Do you want to help green Philadelphia schools? We're letting you know how to get FREE 32-Gallon recycle bins for Where Can I Wednesday? The Streets Department is running a special promotion to get a Super Recycling Bin in your hands. (Find out how, after the jump!)
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