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Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change

Devastating hurricanes. Record-breaking temperatures. Melting polar ice caps. Climate change is already affecting our everyday lives, but many don’t understand the science behind it (and some don’t even acknowledge it is real). The Wagner Free Institute of Science welcomes renowned...
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Mayor’s Office of Sustainability Permanent & 2014 Results

You guys totally did it! According to, Philadelphia voters approved all 3 ballot questions on the polls yesterday, including the question that made the Mayor's Office of Sustainability permanent. This means the Office will live on for years, even after Mayor Nutter leaves office in Jan 2016 & his green-loving legacy behind. Find out more, after the jump!
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Philadelphia Election Guide 2014: Voting for Sustainability

It's a midterm election year! That means we get to sleep in and skip the polls, eh? Wrong! Although we're not voting for a new Commander-in-Chief, there's plenty to consider in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Namely, WTF will make important decisions about taxes and funding for the keystone state?! Here's a looksy at the November 2014 Philadelphia Ballot for those teacher's pets who want to come all prepared. Let's preview the Philadelphia polls and who the environmental champions (and losers) would be.
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Raising Ms. President: Why Don’t Women Run in Politics?

Did you know that women make up 51% of America, but only 17% are serving in the House of Representatives as spokeswomen? Or that only 34 women have served as governors compared to 2319 men? America now ranks 98th in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature, behind Kenya and Indonesia and barely ahead of the United Arab Emirates. Find out what's wrong with these numbers and what you can do, after the jump.
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