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Nicole Koedyker: Q & A with Drexel’s Sustainability Lady

This week Green Philly Blog is interviewing some of Philadelphia's women sustainability leaders in honor of closing out March as International Women's History Month. Some of the women are well-known in our city, and some are a little more under the radar. Our interview for today is with Drexel Senior and Drexel's (only environmental group) Sierra Club President, Nicole Koedyker! We first noticed Nicole Koedyker on our Facebook, Twitter & blog comments with her green wit & knowledge. When we attended a Sierra Club meeting at Drexel, we previewed first hand how she combined a mix of green 'lessons', local events and motivating eco-curious students to get involved in Meatless Monday, Earth week events & a clothing swap on campus. As a Drexel Senior majoring in international business & economics, this lady stays active in the college sustainability scene. Her missions include working student groups to divest from fossil fuels from the endowment, ban bottled water, and encouraging Drexel to complete the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's Sustainability Tracking and Assessment Rating System. On a personal level, she's very likable. Her cat Meowies would be Pounce DeLeon's BFF, and we love her bike & spin class teaching enthusiasm. Let's get to our interview with Nicole! (Check it out, after the jump!)
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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Relax and De-Stress… Because Philly Needs It

The bad news: Philadelphia was named the most stressed city for women in Self magazine's December issue. The good news: we have eco-friendly ways to relax and de-stress! Self cites an average 32 minute one-way commute and a 12% unemployment rate as some of the reasons for Philly topping the list. Ladies, you deserve better!Stress is a fact of life and some of the factors that contribute to the feeling can't be helped; But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be taking steps to relax. Of course it's also the holiday season - a time that lends itself to feeling frazzled and fried. Whether you can get your R & R in now or in January these tips will help. Click through for 5 ways to de-stress (and help get Philly off that downer list):
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