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Philadelphia Recycling

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Q&A with Phil Bresee: Philadelphia’s Recycling Director

We all love those blue bins to stash our recyclables in to feel better about our collective waste on trash day. But who monitors how much Philly is recycling overall?  Director of Recycling Phil Bresee arrived in Philly July 2012, with the mission to increase recycling participation and improve our city's 'green' efforts. A Maryland native,  Bresee got his start in Frederick and then Howard County, Maryland prior to moving to Florida in 2004. He's clearly passionate about the cause, which was apparent for those who saw his recent Nerd Nite presentation.  We sat down with Phil recently to talk trash, recycling and Philly overall.  Green Philly Blog: Mayor Nutter has focused on environmental issues (including recycling) in his Greenworks Campaign since his election in 2007. With 2 years to go in office, what recycling progress have you seen in 2013 compared to his start?
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Philly Recycles Tour Kicks Off 9/7

Are you one of those few cavemen (or cavewomen) without a recycling bin? Not sure how to get rewards for recycling? The Philly Recycles Tour is coming to neighborhoods across the city to distribute FREE recycling bins, sign up for rewards, give the 411 on how to recycle (or what to recycle) in Philadelphia and more! he Philly Recycles Tour Schedule:
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