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Paige Wolf

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Paige Wolf, Green PR Powerhouse #ThisWeekI

PR agents often promote their client's cause, but Paige Wolf also makes it a point to promote sustainability just as much as her clients. I met Paige years ago on an all-lady session based on sustainability and have followed her passion projects ever since. She's enthusiastic, compassionate and an all-star Crossfit mom of two. Let's get to know Paige a little better:
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Paige Wolf: Philadelphia's Favorite Green Public Relations

For those who have recently "turned green" and want to incorporate it into their career, Paige Wolf is truly an inspiration! Paige Wolf started her Public Relations firm in Philadelphia in 2002. Paige grew up in Abington, PA and attended the University of Delaware. After seeing films like An Inconvenient Truth & The Eleventh Hour, she learned more about environmental issues and realized she had to make an impact.
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