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Friday Quickie: Steer Away from Shark Based Squalene

Shark week continues... OK, what the heck is squalene? Shark squalene is an organic compound found in a sharks liver. So, what's the problem? Shark squalene is heavily used in cosmetics, contributing to unsustainable fishing and damage to marine life. One reason the population of sharks is declining is due to overfishing for the purpose of obtaining the squalene. Click through to read on!
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The Hunger Games: Green & Sustainability Themes in Latest Craze?

When I first heard about the Hunger Games, I had my doubts. But when my ‘too cool for YA” BFF demanded that I read the series, I reconsidered. Although the book doesn’t state the exact event, major landmasses shifted and the sea level rose to unknown heights to change the Earth’s landscape we know it which develops Panem into its current state.  Does Collins use any of the Hunger Games themes or district circumstances to address our current environmental issues?  Let’s explore further, after the jump.
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Overfishing: Another Ocean Danger for Animal Conservation Week

This post continues our Animal Conservation Week, to highlight animals in danger & steps you can take to help! As we continue Shark Week, shark preservation highlights another problem we're facing in the ocean: Overfishing. 70% of the world's fisheries are fully or overly exploited, depleted or in a state of collapse. That's a scary statistic since previously 'common' fish like Bluefin tuna & Atlantic salmon are severely overfished and (learn more, after the jump!)
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Fish: What You Need To Know Now

Fish is one of the healthiest food choices you can make. It’s low in calories and the “bad” type of fat, has antioxidants and nutritionists call it a brain food that’ll help keep you sharp. Plus, it’s easy to prepare and there’s no shortage of varieties. Is this wonder food too good to be true? Not necessarily, but just like there are precautions when enjoying meat there are things consumers need to be mindful of before feasting on fish. Read on!
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