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From hemp clothing, hemp jewelry, CBD products and Medical Marijuana, this is poised to be a breakout year for the Cannabis industry. After 80 years of government prohibition, American farmers, businesses and consumers can finally grow, process, sell and use Cannabis...
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5 Ways to Avoid GMOs in Your Food

Raise your hand if you want to enjoy your food with a helping of genetically modified ingredients. Anyone? Bueller...Bueller? No, didn't think so... We've previously discussed the California GMO veto known as Prop 37 which would have would have required food companies, grocers and retailers to label products with genetically modified ingredients as such. While the proposition didn't pass this year and has yet to be introduced in Pennsylvania (though farmers have spoken up) and other states there are some key things we can do to avoid GMOs. 1. Purchase food that's 100% organic, and check it twice. In the US and Canada food is not permitted to be labeled 100% organic if it's been genetically modified. The trouble is that many food items are splashed with the "organic" label and no percentage explicitly expressed. If it doesn't say 100% it's not necessarily free of GMOs. 2. Become familiar with fruit and vegetable label numbers.
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6th Annual Greenfest Philly on Sat 9/10/11!

September is chock-full of green events! Greenfest Philly returns to our lovely city in Headhouse Square (2nd St btwn South & Pine) on Saturday, September 10th, 2011! Greenfest Philly educates the public on how to be more sustainable in their daily lives (just like us at GPB!) Urban Green Partnership passed the torch to the Clean Air Council to organized the festival. Highlights of the festival include:
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Endangered Species Chocolate – So Worth It

Listen up chocolate lovers - Endangered Species Chocolate is where it's at. I tasted this delicious cocoa treat in Southern California recently and was hooked. As a chocolate lover, I felt like I was living under a rock having not heard of it previously. What's even better? Endangered Species is registered with and meets all requirements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. ) They practice the 3 R's
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Hungry? Buy this: Wild Harvest

These days it seems like there's an abundance of organic food products to choose from. In the past, you needed to go to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods for your organic goods- but now traditional grocers are stocking their shelves with pesticide-free brands. The Wild Harvest line is by far one of my favorites. Why?
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