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5 Free Eco Apps to Check Out

There once was a time when the now ubiquitous catchphrase "there's an app for that" elicited a cynical reaction in me. Perhaps it was because I held on to my blackberry for a little too long (I thought it was easier to type on.) Or, maybe it's because I tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to the notion that technology can solve all our problems. Maybe I even thought "hey my grandparents and their parents and everyone before them did just fine without apps or iPhones so I can too." Whatever the reason... I got over my stubbornness and discovered a whole slew of apps that make my life easier. There's several eco apps that are particularly useful and interesting to me, and I think these free eco apps listed below might be helpful to you too. iRecycle:  Tells you how, where and when to recycle.  You can sort by categories such as automotive, electronics, glass, household, paper and more. The app will use your location, or you can input a specific location and it pulls up resources that'll help you decide where to take your stuff. Click through for more apps to help you stay green!
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Quick Tip – Recycle your old iPod & MAC

Don't throw out your ipod or MP3 player when it stops working - You can recycle it! Apple's Recycling Program offers a 10% discount on your next purchase when you bring your old iPod in for recycling. You can also recycle old cell phones, old computer systems and Macs! If you're in the market to buy new electronics, Apple also sells refurbished iPods & MACs. Try buying a 'reincarnated' one over a new to save some green.
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