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how to green your pet

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My Green Kitty Life with a Mom Eco-Blogger: Guest Post By Pounce

Meow Meow! (That's "Hello" in Cat.) Hey readers! Last week, my Mom wrote about how to adopt a green cat like me. I wanted to tell my side of the story too, so I got my little paws onto her laptop. She's been asking what I do all day when she's working hard to keep food on the table and more importantly, in my bowl. (Insider tip: I've actually been working on a novel about life on the Street. When I want to goof off, I check out Caturday, 7 days a week. Why bother learning 7 names of days when you can just learn one?) Usually my days look like this: What can I say? It's a tough life, and I have this mini-catlike friend who doesn't even meow. Mommy told me that we have to be conscious of our Carbon Catprint, to make sure that future kitties and owners have a place to live and lounge. She always says she's trying to be 'green', but she looks awfully pale to me, just between us. However, I don't mind the sustainable things that we do to help out the Earth. Here are a few meowservations I've noticed:
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Green Your Cat Adoption: Sustainable Kitty 101

I've changed this past month. I'm more cautious, I've had to reconsider every plant in my apartment, and I look tired. A new bundle of joy came into my life, and although challenging, I'm super-happy. Welcome to my crazy green lifestyle, Pounce DeLeon!  Pounce came into my life after I moved into a studio apartment. Growing up with dogs my entire life, I made sure to research and contact a few local shelters. Since I volunteer with PAWS Monster Miler program, the Old City Adoption Center was my preference. Luckily an orange and white tabby remembered me from my first visit, and his consistent snuggles stole my heart within a half hour. After watching him interact with a few other cats (and tested well in the plays well with dogs category), I knew it was meant to be! Want to green your cat? I will give my best (new) advice to you!
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