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How Your Fav Companies are Worse than Tinder

It's tough to be a consumer these days. It all started with deodorant. After questionable links with aluminum DO & cancer, I switched to the aluminum-free Trader Joe's brand. I figured less hazardous chemicals in my beauty products are better for me overall, eh? I didn't make it over to Trader Joe's for a refill and instead bought Tom's of Maine Wild Lavender DO. Yet I noticed over the past week that I had a bad allergic reaction. Find out why I'm comparing Deodorant to Tinder, after the jump.
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Washy Wonder Bag Savers: Greenwashing at Its Peak

We received an invite to review Washy Wonder, a tool to "encourage reuse" and be greener. Besides the fact that I keep mixing up the brand name for a place in Chinatown that ends with a "happy ending", this product appalls me. The Washy Wonder is made by polypropylene, or #5 plastics. The point of this "tool" is to wash plastic bags up to 25 to 30 times to save them from the landfill. Let's break this down.
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Calling Bullshit on Philly’s Sustainable Garbage Disposals: Greenwashing PR?

Mayor Michael Nutter & the Philadelphia Streets Department announced a new program, "Clean Kitchen, Green Community" campaign today. The goal is to "assess how food waste disposers can help the city work towards its goal of becoming the greenest city of America." Residents in Point Breeze and West Oak Lane are going to participate in a test campaign to measure the amount of waste diverted from landfills by using a garbage disposal. InSinkErator, the world's "leading manufacturer of food waste disposals" is partnering with the city to provide 100 homeowners in each neighborhood with a free disposal & installation by a local plumber. I call Bullshit. Find out why this program isn't as green as advertised after the jump!
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Schick’s “Eco” Razor – Most Sustainable Oxy-Moron?

OK, so I came across this article the other day: Schick’s eco razor is coined (by Schick) ‘the most sustainably produced disposable razor and associated packaging.” While the way it’s produced is “green (handle is 100% recycle plastic, package composed of 100% post-consumer paper)… IT'S STILL DISPOSABLE!  Meaning, (find out more, after the jump!)
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