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AGRITECTURE: Blurring the Line Between Farm and City

Join Erdy McHenry Architecture for our annual DesignPhiladelphia celebration—featuring Philly Microgreens and Dickson Despommier, father of the Vertical Farm movement! As the world population is set to approach 10 billion by 2050, humanity reckons with an agricultural infrastructure that is...
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Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Hosts Business Energy Efficiency Event

On Wednesday, June 13th the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce chapter will host an event focusing on energy efficiency for businesses. Today companies - big and small - are taxed with the challenge of finding ways to decrease their energy costs and operate more efficiently. If you're a local business this is a session that may benefit you and your sustainability initiatives. The event will feature a panel of industry experts including keynote speaker, Kyle Tanger, Director of Clear Carbon Service, and energy experts from the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub. Read on for details!
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New Jersey Soup Kitchen Partners with Philadelphia Green Design Firm

Turning a business “green” can seem like a huge undertaking. For a non-profit this evolution might seem even more daunting. But if a soup kitchen can afford to create a green facility, who can’t? The Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, N.J has partnered with Philadelphia green design firm, DAS Architects, to create one of the first environmentally friendly soup kitchens. Each month Cathedral Kitchen provides 8,000 meals to the poor and hungry. Operating since 1976, Cathedral Kitchen’s contribution to the community is significant. Now, they’re going beyond the call of duty to give back to the environment. Five green things about Cathedral Kitchen’s new facility:
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