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Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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Is there an “Atlantic” Version of “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”? 5 Gyres Bike Tour Explains!

You may have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but you don't have to worry about that here in Philly. Right? Nonprofit 5 Gyres rolled into town Monday to share their findings of sailing around the world on a plastic pollution studies mission. And the results were shocking. The 5 Gyres Last Straw Plastic Pollution Solutions Bike Tour kicked off
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Plastic Pollution Adds Up: Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Happy Shark Week! The Discovery Channel's yearly celebration of sharks began last night. Last year we took a week to embrace ocean themes, including the truth of Shark Finning. We'll continue the tradition and explore more aquatic green-isms this week... Nothing is more pristine than taking in nature, sitting on the beach and looking at the ocean... even if it's the lame Jersey Shore (compared to Hawaii...) After spending the past week at the Jersey Shore with my family, I was highly disappointed to not be allowed in the Ocean for 2 days due to trash and a "high bacteria count" of the water. If the water wasn't safe for me to take a swim, what's going on with the marine life in the rest of the oceans? Did you know that one of the largest 'landfills' on Earth lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? (Find our more about this plastic pollution garbage, after the jump!)
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