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What the Heck Does Matt Damon Have to Do with Fracking?

We love our eco-minded celebrities. While we can't (yet) report on Matt Damon's personal thoughts on fracking, we can confirm that he's starring in a new film on fracking this December. The film is said to center around Damon, whose character initially works for a pro-fracking company and eventually wises up and gets a soul... i.e. he becomes the anti-fracking hero. As a refresher, fracking is essentially the procedure of creating fractures in rock, and rock formations by injecting fluid into the ground at high pressure to break the rocks open and release natural gas inside. Why is fracking dangerous?
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Fracking Developments & How You Can Prevent Philadelphia’s Water Supply from Contamination

Do you like water? I love showing off my SIGG water bottle. It's pretty yet dented from the number of times I've dropped it.  And I keep filling it up with tap water.  But, there may be a time I can't fill it up anymore with tap. The Safe Drinking Water Act protects our precious water in Philly. Yet, fracking is a threat.  After hearing lots of questions from readers, I'll now break down why Fracking is a danger to your water supply and the latest developments:
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Friday Wrapup: Eco-Friendly Lazy Laundry, Toolshares, Keystone XL & Fracking

Did anyone cut down a cherry tree (and hopefully plant 5 to replace it for the PHS) in honor of President's day?  Here’s the green Philly movers & shakers we just couldn’t fit in this week: Wish there was an eco-friendly laundry service to help with the pile of clothes on your floor?  Wash Cycle Laundry (1-888-611-9274) at 1611 South St. treats your clothes with eco-friendly detergent in energy-efficient machines, and then loads everything onto a bicycle-pulled trailer. Holllar. Philly loves (Find more of this week's wrapup, after the jump!)
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