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Green Economy Chat and Chew Candidate’s Forum

Join us to ask at-large and district City Council candidates how they plan to act in regards to Point 5 of the People’s Platform, formulated by Alliance for a Just Philadelphia  –  expand community control over land, housing, schools, and...
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Local PA House Reps Urge EPA to Protect Bees

It's time to get to BEEEEsness, EPA! 60 House of Representative members sent a letter to the EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to protect pollinators (AKA bees) from the impact of neonicotinoid pesticides. Local Representatives Chakah Fattah (PA-02) and Allyson Schwartz (PA-13) both signed the letter, for those of you keeping tabs on who's defending our local sustainability. Find out more, after the jump!
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Rain Barrels 101: EPA Exhibit Educates – WCI

Consider getting a rain barrel? Not sure of the benefits or how to use it? Rain barrels save water, help storm water run-off and make watering your plants SO much easier. And with the daily monsoons we've been experiencing, there's lots of FREE water falling from the sky to use. But there's more to it, and there's an exhibit where you can find out more right in Philly.
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