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Be Proud, Sports Fans: Eagles & Phillies Make Green Strides

Between the underway Eagles season and the Phillies wrapping up their season yesterday afternoon sports are on Philadelphians brains (per standard, this is Philly after all.) A recent NRDC report discussed the National Resources Defense Council's work with national sports organizations and the importance of environmental education for fans. Many teams are actively working towards sustainability within their organizations. So what's happening on Philly fields? Read on for a rundown on the strides Philadelphia teams are making.
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NRDC Report Shows Greening Progress for National Sports Leagues

Did you know that just 16% of Americans know what is going on in science,while 60% know what's happening in sports news. These statistics aren't exactly shocking, but they do demonstrate what the American population is tuned into... and what's slipping through the cracks. With this knowledge in mind national sports organizations and the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) have joined forces to shed light on the importance of ecological stewardship.
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Eagles’s Lincoln Financial to be #1 Green Stadium in WORLD!

Apparently, the Eagles are leaving no stone un-turned. After a kick-ass performance by Vick & 59-28 victory on Monday night and as we reported yesterday, PETA naming the Linc as #1 most vegetarian-friendly NFL stadium, the Eagles announced their plans to becoming the greenest stadium in the World. Talk about a few week's accomplishments. By next opening day next September, the Linc will have 2500 solar panels on the roof & facade, 100 spiral sharped wind turbines and a cogenerational power plant to run biodiesel or natural gas to fully power any game, lights, sound & crowd roars. Over the next 2 decades, the Eagles can save $60 million in energy costs. The Linc can compete for the (read more, after the jump)
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Vick VS. PETA: PETA Names Linc as #1 Veggie-Friendly, Ironic?

Citizens Bank Park has topped PETA's Most Vegetarian Friendly MLB Stadium in 2009 & 2010, even calling CBP an "undisputed dynasty" in the rankings. Now, Philadelphia Eagle's own Lincoln Financial Field has been named PETA's #1 Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadium. According to the PETA article, "Flying high at number one is the Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field, where protein-packed mock-steak sandwiches, faux-chicken sandwiches, veggie dogs, and veggie burgers are coming off the grill faster than DeSean Jackson in the open field". Opening in August 2003 & seating 68,532, the Linc has quadrupled their number of concession areas compared to the Eagles' former home of Veteran's Stadium. PETA released the news last week, but there is one very ironical part of this: Michael Vick's current position as dominating QB for the Eagles. 47 Pit Bulls were seized from Bad Newz Kennels in 2007, leading to Vick's prison sentence. The LA Times
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Philadelphia Eagles Green Impact – New Efforts for 2010

Philly's gearing up for the big game this weekend. It'll be a particularly interesting battle as Sunday marks Donovan McNabb's return to the Linc. I could go on about what the outcome of the game means for perception and morale. But, this is an environmental blog after all. So let's talk green. Where do the Eagles stand with their eco-efforts in 2010?
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