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Quick Tips

Friday Quickie: Take a Little Less

1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally each year... Or more than 200 LBS per PERSON! (yes, you!). How many times do you overestimate how much food you can eat and end up throwing it in the compost (or jawdrop: trash!) Although it’s something we hear again and again, taking less portions is better for your waistline… AND less food for the landfill. Eating out? Split a meal with your dining partner or set aside half the meal to take home for later. Assessing your pantry & fridge inventory BEFORE a trip to the grocery store will also save you from buying too much food and help you stick to the bare minimums. Readers, any other tricks to eat & waste less?
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How to Dine A Little Greener

In the summertime I get the urge to eat out more. The longer days and opportunity for al fresco dining (one of my favorite little pleasures in life) just make restaurants that much more enjoyable for me. I frequent establishments that boast the use of organic and local ingredients, along with lots of vegan and vegetarian hot spots. But, I also head to restaurants that aren't necessarily well known for any of these things. While dining I’m often on the lookout for how restaurants measure up in the eco-friendly department. Here are some practices that help keep businesses in the food industry greener. Don’t be shy - suggest some of these next time you’re at one of your favorite spots. Green restaurant practices:
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