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Peter Wentz Farmstead’s Sheep Shearing Day

Saturday, April 20th from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm Sheep Shearing Day Experience springtime on a colonial farm!  Watch our farmers shear our sheep to get them ready for the warm weather.  Then, follow the “wool to wardrobe” process as...
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From hemp clothing, hemp jewelry, CBD products and Medical Marijuana, this is poised to be a breakout year for the Cannabis industry. After 80 years of government prohibition, American farmers, businesses and consumers can finally grow, process, sell and use Cannabis...
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Seed Saving & Storage Demo

Greensgrow’s Farmer Ricky will demonstrate how to save and store vegetable seed until you’re ready to grow next season. We’ll discuss the benefits of saving seed and how pollination effects different varieties. You’ll have the opportunity to share experience and...
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